Race Day

We are back at the Zoo!

Start the race/relay running through the Zoo, and return for the Post Race Ceremony at the Kitamba Cafe inside the grounds for medals, prizes and more – 10:30am .

The race starts at 8am at the main, north entrance to the Calgary Zoo.


You will need your Race Bib for food inside and outside the Zoo grounds.

This is a Gun Start! If you are in it to win it, then please seed yourself accordingly.

Zoo officials close the Leg 1 exit gate at 8:50am. Any runners still inside the Zoo after this time will be unable to continue the race. This will result in a DNF for all runners involved including associated team members.

Any runners found off course within the Zoo grounds will be disqualified – associated team members too.

The Calgary Zoo does not permit supporters on the grounds after the race starts and before 9am.

Leg 3 will shut down at approx 9:45am.

You will need to attend the post race to receive any prizes.

T-shirt queries will not be dealt with on Race Day.