Thanks for another wonderful race. I know you had some technical problems, not to mention having to relocate the event. Everything,from our point of view went off without a problem.


We really enjoyed the morning. It was a great family time and capped off by the wonderful story telling of Brian Keating!


Just wanted to say thanks for getting me out to run for a great cause.


Hehe 10th Annual Gorilla run was a success!!!


The gorilla run is always one of my very favourites of the season…Cheers to 10 great years Emm…Looking forward to the next 10!


The gorilla run was outstanding as always! Congratulations Emm. The gang from work is already strategizing on how we can win the team event next year!


Had so much fun today, thanks. The Gorilla Run is the highlight of our running year!

Liz, Calgary.

I just wanted to say thanks to the organizers for a fabulous race. This is our third year and we hope to be back next year.

John, Airdrie.

Great race! Thank you so much!

AG, Calgary

Just want to say that you organized a fabulous race once again this year. As a runner and animal lover, I certainly appreciate the effort and tireless work you all put into this race to make it a huge success.

RG, Calgary